Organizational success through employee satisfaction

Ostesa EU Project

OSTESA EU is a project designed for organizations interested in enhancing their employees’ satisfaction and that are committed with the promotion of a positive organizational climate. With its innovative training methodology and valuable materials, OSTESA EU can help to strengthen the motivation of the human capital and to increase SMEs’ competitiveness. How? Find more here…

The Project

OSTESA EU project is aimed at developing soft skills which can contribute to build and improve a positive organizational climate and therefore to increase employees’ and managers’ motivation and to enhance SMEs’ performance. Through its useful resources, including and assessment tool covering different dimensions of organisational climate and several training materials, the project can support companies (managers, HR staff and employees) to become more efficient. Additionally, OSTESA EU tools and materials can be used by VET providers and trainers whose work is related with improving soft skills and generating a positive organizational climate.

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OSTESA EU outputs, events and training activities are designed to address your needs. You can access the main project documents and results made public and know all about how to create a positive organizational climate through the development of soft skills, such as leadership.

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The partnership of the OSTESA EU project is composed by 5 organisations (NGO , SMEs, Business School) representing
a blend of old and new Member States, to test how the products to be developed within the project can be
useful in different contexts. Our partnership gathers relevant know-how acquired
through previous experience of transnational projects and cooperation.

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