Fresh news about OSTESA EU!


Where we stand?

OSTESA EU partners have just finished an important milestone of this European initiative – the research analysis phase. For this accomplishment, the involvement of managers, employees, trainers and consultants coming from several European countries was absolutely fundamental and the results will be available very soon, in a Research Analysis Report!

What’s next?

We are now preparing the assessment tool. Our results from the initial study confirm what is truly needed and partners are working to ensure that the tool created by the project will be effective and useful for companies interested in improving their organizational climate. In order to ensure the alignment with the needs of the end-users, we are currently implementing focus groups at national level involving managers, employees and trainers. The main goal of these sessions is to set up in a collaborative way the items that will be addressed by the assessment tool in each of the organizational climate dimensions.

We are also working in other valuable resources, such as the programme toolkit, which will include the training materials and tools for managers and employees. Based on the findings of the Research Analysis Report, partners have designed the structure of the training programme and are now developing the content for each of the organizational climate dimensions.


Soon you will have the opportunity to test the assessment tool and the programme toolkit. Stay tuned!