End-users and experts were involved in the fine-tuning of the assessment tool’ items

office-1209640_1920Based on the findings of the research and analysis phase, partners are developing the Organizational Climate Assessment Tool. This ICT resource covers the main organizational climate dimensions identified during the first phase of the project, which include: communication, recognition, rewards, cohesion, support, clarity, trust, leadership, fairness, efficiency and employee welfare.

Between October and November, all partners carried out focus group interviews at a national level, involving HR managers, employees, trainers and consultants. The aim of these interviews was to analyse and discuss the items (i.e., questions to be addressed by the assessment tool) elaborated for each one of these dimensions to increase the quality of those test items.

Results were compiled into national reports and items were improved. This revised version of the questions was then assessed by groups of specialists (HR managers, managerial psychologists, experts in climate and organizational development), whose competent judgements allowed the fine-tuning of the items. Results of this final accuracy assessment led to the final version of the questions that will be included in the Organizational Climate Assessment Tool.

Next steps are related to the technical development, pilot testing and evaluation of this ICT tool.

We will keep you informed about the progress of these activities.