Great progress was achieved since the 3rd project meeting: check it here!

During the last transnational meeting (Cyprus, 11th/12th April 2017) partners analysed the project main achievements and defined next steps regarding the development of the OSTESA EU intellectual outputs as well as dissemination and quality process activities.

Short-term deadlines were agreed particularly in what regards to the organisational climate assessment tool and programme toolkit.

The partnership is currently developing innovative content and resources to create a flexible training path covering the eleven dimensions highlighted as most relevant (in result of the desk research and field work).

Partners also planned in detail how to carry out the internal testing of the organisational climate assessment tool. This validation procedure, to be concluded during the next weeks, will be complemented by a piloting phase involving SMEs.

We’ll let you know more about it very soon, but if you are already interested in taking part in our pilot phase, please contact our national partner or complete the form available hereIMG_0013