Organizational climate assessment tool: Open call to the pilot test!

OSTESA EU partners are recruiting SMEs in each of the partners countries to participate in the piloting stage of the organizational climate assessment tool.

Selected organizations will have first-hand access to the online tool developed within the project and will be able to assess a set of relevant dimensions to get a clear and measurable overview about the satisfaction of their human capital.

This innovative and free tool is built-on the colour association method, which supports users in the identification of the dimensions to diagnose. It also comprises a participatory approach, where managers and employees are called to provide feedback on the selected dimensions.

The tool is friendly-use and takes into consideration that time and efficiency are critical to organisations: focused and short, the process is not time-consuming; and the results are relevant and straightforward.

Participating organisations will involve at least one manager and 30 to 60 employees in the process. This will lead to sound results about their current organisational climate and how to boost a more positive work environment.

Managers will be able to choose which dimensions to assess, customising the diagnostic procedure to be in line with the needs and interests of the company. Possible areas of analysis include: communication, rewards, recognition, cohesion, support, clarity, trust, leadership, fairness, efficiency and employee welfare.

How to participate?

Please complete a brief online form, available here. For more information, please contact our national partners:

– Cyprus: EUROSUCCESS Consulting – Giorgos Giorgakis (

– Czech Republic: DAP Services – Jiri Simonek (

– Italy: Fondazione Istud – Tommaso Limonta (

– Poland: OIC Poland Foundation – Ewelina Iwanek (

– Portugal: INOVA – Ana Neves (