OSTESA EU short-term joint staff training event has happened in Milan, Italy!

The project short term joint staff event occurred between November 20th and 24th in Milan, Italy. This vocational and education training was designed to create the conditions to build the competences and skills needed to transfer in a self-sustaining way the training/learning approaches on the base of the OSTESA EU products in each partner country.

ostesa eu

training activity has allowed to build and/or boost the capacity of the project experts (trainers and consultants), prepare these experts to use the elaborated project outputs at local/regional/national level and, support their target groups in improving the organisational climate through training and consultancy.

five-days’ event started with the phases of the training process, i.e. needs analysis, design of macro and microstructures, implementation and assessment of the training. Practical activities and group dynamics were constant throughout the training sessions. The second day was dedicated to exploring the organizational climate assessment tool technicalities and to better inform participants how to exploit the tool towards companies and employees’ interests.

The third and fourth day were focused on the organizational climate dimensions and to test part of the OSTESA EU toolkits developed for each of the target group and for each dimension. Not only the theory was presented but also open practical resources were employed.

The fifth and last day of the training event has also incorporated partially the fourth transnational meeting. Half-day was dedicated to present the guide for owners, managers and line managers and how the guide can help them to reflect in their own leadership style and its impact on the organizational climate. It was followed by the train-the-trainers package and how its structure will further support the project exploitation activities.

After 5 full days in Milan, Italy, each project partner is now more equipped to complete the pilot test of the organizational climate assessment tool and better prepared to deliver customised training to companies.