The OSTESA EU Project

Designed to increase SMEs’ competitiveness


Started in September 2015, the OSTESA EU project is a 3 year initiative designed to develop soft skills (such as leadership) to improve and build a positive organisational climate, which is assumed to be a major force in influencing employee’s motivation and behaviour. The core assumption of the project is that in a positive organizational climate, employees have the confidence and stability they need to increase their performance. How then can organizations and particularly SMEs create and improve this positive organizational climate?

OSTESA EU provides them with a support system which consists of different tools and training materials designed to upgrade key competences so thus to increase the competitiveness of the organizations. Project resources are built on a Research Analysis Report which identifies relevant dimensions of organizational climate, explores the impact of leadership style on it, investigates the core needs of the target groups and guides the development of the other project outputs. Available in Czech, English, Italian, Polish and Portuguese, these resources are as follows:

Organizational Climate Assessment Tool

An ICT resource that measures several dimensions and provides relevant feedback on the current organizational climate

Programme Toolkit

A comprehensive resource that includes training programmes, scenarios and materials to create and improve the organizational climate

Guide for SMEs owners and managers

An instructive resource for owners and managers that explores the relation between leadership styles and positive organizational climate

Train-the-Trainer Package

A set of resources compiled to support VET providers and trainers to expand their know-how in the project-related themes.


OSTESA EU is aimed at increasing SMEs’ competitiveness by supporting the creation of a positive
organizational climate through the development of soft skills, such as leadership.
The main objectives of the project are:

Improving the organisational climate, motivation
and engagement of employees in SMEs

Improving the capacity of employers and Human Resources (HR) managers to understand the need to work on better organisational climate in enterprises

Increasing the availability of the tools for improving an organisational climate through developing competencies

Improving the capacity of trainers
and HR departments


OSTESA EU activities are grouped in 3 categories:

  1. Intellectual outputs: reports, tools and training materials developed within the project (as described above) and available for download and use
  2. Multiplier events: dissemination activities, including several seminars and workshops in each of the partner’s countries (Cyprus, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland and Portugal) to present project’s results
  3. Learning, teaching and training activities: short-term joint staff training event involving trainers and counsellors who will transfer, pilot and exploit the project outputs in each of the partner’s countries

The project is targeted to organizations (particularly SMEs)
and their staff as well as to VET providers and trainers.